Social Media Foundations

In this free mini course, you'll get access to my three videos and a worksheet to help you begin creating a strategic social media content plan. 

  • Video 1: What is the Customer Journey
  • Video 2: How Your Content Plays a Role in Nurturing Leads
  • Video 3: Tips for Creating Content that Converts

FREE Mini Course

Get exclusive access to my three part video series and learn the foundations of a solid social media content strategy.

What You Will Learn

This course features three educational videos and a worksheet to help you along the way.

Video 1

The Customer Journey is also known as the Sales Lifecycle. In this video, I'll cover each of the five phases in depth.

Video 2

Learn how your content plays a role in more qualified leads and better business relationships. 

Video 3

Learn what formats and methods that will nurture people and convert more leads during their own Customer Journey

Hey I'm Melanie, but most call me Mel!

I teach small businesses and solopreneurs how to do their own marketing without all of the overwhelm, stress, and expense of bad outsourcing.

Everyone has special gifts and for most of us, it takes time to figure out what they are. Mine are my energy and my passion and I love using them when I help small businesses and entrepreneurs figure out how to use social media to share their gifts with the world. 

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