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You're overwhelmed and need an ACTION PLAN

You believe in the power of modern marketing, but you’re feeling a little lost in the shuffle of it all. Maybe you’re not even sure what the heck “modern” marketing is. What platforms should you be using? How does it all tie together? Where should you be focusing your efforts in social media? Feeling stuck has you going no where and this means less people are benefiting from your gifts.
I will create an actionable roadmap that will give you the marching orders you need to move forward. The sooner you take action, the sooner the revenue will start coming in.
Starting at $3100

You want to create content, but need a CONTENT PLAN that will work


Post regular consistent content they say. Use social media and create content that is engaging they also say. Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Social Media, Live Video, Groups...lions tigers and bears oh my! There is no way to sugar coat this...its a lot of work. It’s even harder and really freakin scary to put in all that effort without knowing if the content is even what you should be publishing.

I’ll help you create a healthy list of content ideas and we’ll put it into a calendar. This will allow you to work on your own content in batches or equip you to secure help from your team or contractors.
Starting at $4200


You're driven and ready, but need a MARKETING COACH - Meet Mentor Mel


Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off of. Sometimes you need a strong encouraging voice in your ear that will keep you on track and help you shut up the shit-talking voices in your head. You know...the ones that keep you from moving forward. You may also need some guidance and feedback along the way when you get stuck.

The number one goal with my coaching packages is to help you use the tools of modern marketing to get yourself out there so you can go be awesome. Don’t do this alone. Starting at $1600 per month (limited availability)


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