Melanie Dyann Howe

Oh, just call me Mel! Everyone has special gifts and for most of us, it takes time to figure out what they are. Mine are my energy and my passion and I love using them together when I help small businesses and entrepreneurs embrace who they truly are.

Don't let your gifts go ungiven!

A while back during my corporate years managing multi-million dollar accounts, I saw some of my favorite mom and pop small businesses struggle to move into the modern marketing world.

They were unorganized, their brand was all over the place, and they were overwhelmed with how to implement a successful social media program. Some of them didn't make it.

It was then I decided any business can be organized, strategic, and change lives regardless of size or budget. I can help you do just that so you can Go Be Awesome. 

Learn How I Can Help.

I'm happiest when I'm helpful and empowering.

In 2014 I had my first real "speaking gig." I remember feeling so alive when I was done. That is when I discovered my passion for talking to groups and creating transformations. My absolute favorite topic - personal branding.

I truly love standing in front of a group and using my humor, my passion, and my experiences to empower and equip people to go do hard things, especially when it comes to marketing themselves and their business. 

I teach people how to do their own marketing without spending all of their money on outsourced strategy, design and content development. Anyone can create their own marketing plan, create graphics, videos, and use social media to transform their lives. 


I've been helping DIY Marketers since 2014. A DIY Marketer is anyone figuring out how to market themselves or their business and trying to do it themselves. If that's you, come join my free community so you're no longer going at it alone. 


Fun Facts About Me

Yes, it's true. I was the purple fuzzy Bearcat and here's the thing, I was freaking awesome. I grew up watching the local high school basketball and football games and it was on my childhood bucket list. 

This is how you know we're going to have some fun together! 

Crazy isn't it? In 2018 I was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer. After multiple surgeries and an eventual double mastectomy, I'm all clear. Early detection is KEY. Get your mammograms ladies. 

I'm not a private person, and I felt compelled to use social media to tell my story so I could inspire other women to get their screenings. So far, over 100 women have reached out and said they've done so. 

I'm not your typical chick, but is there even such a thing anymore? I love sports, outdoors, and I never played with dolls as a little girl. I was usually playing with the boys and I got picked on for being different. Those qualities are what set me apart today and I've learned to embrace them. 

If you're going to tune in to my live videos or be in one of my presentations, you just might hear me get a little passionate and colorful with my words. 

Don't worry, I don't get too crazy but I do enjoy a four letter word here and there. 

Reach out anytime.

I have limited availability for my one-on-one clients but if you're interested in hiring me to coach you and help you take action in your business, please send me a message. Or, if you have an event and you're interested in hiring me to speak, I'd love to connect. 

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